Streamlining Your Practice Management processes will free your staff for the most important task – Patient Care.

It will also improve efficiency, reduce costs and allow you to hit the ever pressing targets.

Contrary to popular belief solutions do NOT have to be complex, take forever (if ever) to implement and cost an arm and a leg.

Our solutions are quick to implement, adopt and a doddle to support. Which means they are cost effective and very simple to use. Resulting in rapid adoption by users, minimal impact on change management and solutions with a quick ROI and low TCO.

  • iDocs Bindr® – Easily create fully indexed, file type agnostic electronic Patient Record document binders (Court Bundle / digital case files)
  • iBundle – Quickly Capture and Digitise paper documents and automatically collate searchable electronic binders.
  • Effortlessly amend Patient Record bundles to disseminate or archive with confidence.
  • iCapture – Simply use your browser to securely scan directly into any Line of Business (LOB) application.
  • Append Redact Edit and sesurely Share Collaborate and Manage your data seamlessly with your colleagues partners and stake holders

“Using iDocs Bindr® – each user saved over an hour per day”

The Benefits to Commissioning and Provider

“Using iDocs Bindr® gave our PCT the ability to reduce dependency on paper documents, create automatic workflows and greatly improve business process efficiency – greatly increasing the trusts ability to achieve our targets” Stan Lawson – Manager IM & T

iDocs Bindr®

iDocs Binder makes your life easier by automating processes to increase efficiency and productivity.

Takes the worry out of cost reduction and time saving so you can focus on improving your bottom line and efficiency.


To help you deliver solutions that your patients require right now.

And to give you back control over paper records freeing you on the more pressing tasks of patient care.


iCapture is a browser-based scan application seamlessly integrated with any Line of Business (LOB) application.

Which means you can work on your documents – from scanning, indexing and uploading directly to LOB applications or to our Document Process Automation Platform for data extraction classification, verification and approval, without leaving your web browser.

iDocs Bindr® – Desktop

  • Automatically create electronic document binders in minutes
  • Compile any file type – Audio Video MRI Scans X-ray PDF Word Excel PPT CAD
  • Indexed Searchable Editable Branded and Secure bundle
  • Disseminate on CD/DVD Blu-Ray Zip FTP Shared Network Drive

iBundle – solution in a box

  • Scan Capture and Digitise paper records
  • Automatically create electronic document binders in minutes
  • iDocs Bindr® Desktop
  • Choice of Fujitsu Scanner
  • Choice of Netgear NAS box
  • Archiving Software
  • Archive on Optical Media Shared network drive or NAS Box

iCapture – Private Platform

  • Browser – Based and Mobile Device Scanning
  • Integrate with your Line of Business Applications
  • Capture OCR and Index on the fly
  • Scan from Mobile Devices – Phones and Tablets
  • Store Securely on your own infrastructure
  • Retrieve and View from anywhere

Closing Statement