Document Binders and Bundles are an efficient way of collating, indexing, searching, storing and disseminating information related to a bid, project, medical record or a corporate transaction like Merger and Acquisition or a Family Trial.
Document Binders are commonly referred to as; Deal Bundles, eBibles, Court Bundles, Final Documents, Trial Bundles, Final or Closing Sets and Bound Volumes.

“Deploying iDocs Bindr® delivered numerous efficiency improvements and considerable cost savings creating eBibles and Document Bundles”

Print Operations Manager – Clifford Chance

Big firm Solutions benefiting the Smaller Practice

iDocs Bindr® eliminates 70% of the process steps to considerably reduce the cost and time of Electronic Bundle production and dramatically improve efficiency.

  • iDocs Bindr® is very easy to use with a short learning curve. This means lower support costs, reduced change management and implementation costs and faster adoption by users.
  • The solution delivers a very fast Return on Investment and low Total Cost of Ownership.

Electronic Binding & Bundling – Uses and Applications

  • Litigation
    • Court and Trial Bundles
    • Expert Witness Evidence / Disclosure and Discover
  • Employment
    • Tribunal and Mediation Bundles
    • Employment Contracts
  • Family
    • Pre Trial Reviews (PTR)
    • Liaison: Social Services / Divorce Agreements
  • Property
    • Contract Packs / Deal Bundles
    • Leases and Licenses / Site Agreements

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Simply Drag’n’Drop electronic documents

iDocs Bindr is very intuitive to use. Simply Drag n Drop electronic documents of ANY type like;

PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, X-ray, MRI Scan, Sound, Video, CAD, emails, CCTV, and images to create an Electronic Bundle.

Easily capture paper documents

Facing a mountain of paper – No Problem. We’ve integrated Fujitsu Paper Stream Capture with iDocs Bindr®

Just scan and OCR all your paper documents directly into the App and click compile. Find important info quickly by searching accross previously OCR’d documents.

Quickly create Court Bundles

Create Court Bundles in minutes rather than hours, giving you much more time to focus on and prepare that winning case.

By automating the process and improving efficiency you also save time and money.

Accurately compile Bound Volumes

Need Bound Volumes or eBibles – you’re in safe hands. iDocs Bindr® was developed with co-operation of Magic Circle law firms.

Big firm Solutions benefiting the smaller Law Firm.

All around efficiency improvements

Whether you require Court Bundles, Bound Volumes, eBibles or Electronic Binders, iDocs Bindr® automates your processes, eliminates paper and mundane repetitive manual tasks.

Competitively produce Multi Media 

iDocs Bindr® is integrated with Rimage media publishing devices.

This means seamless output to Blue-Ray, DVD or CD together with the highest quality printed labels.

All of these brands started with a demo

One third of the top 10 Global Law Firms benefit from using iDocs Bindr®

“iDocs Bindr® and Rimage allowed us to deliver an automated Bound Volume and eBible production solution for the M & A practice and considerably improve efficiency”.

Printroom Manager – Jones Day

When the most demanding Legal brands want process automation solutions they turn to        iDocs

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