Getting your sales teams to capitalise on the GDPR opportunity – made simple
introducing iDocs Bindr SafeSend
 what Clifford Chance, Jones Day, CMS Cameron McKenna and the NHS have in common.

GDPR is arguably one of the biggest opportunities to provide additional solutions and services to your client base since Y2K.

Main difference being that Y2K (the Millenium bug) passed away on the 31st December 2000. GDPR was born on 25th of May 2018 with a long life span and is Legally binding!

iDocs Bindr SafeSend is a unique application with first mover advantage, that addresses the ever growing requirement for a Subject Access Requests (SAR) solution.

iDocs Bindr SafeSend automates SAR production processes and de-risks sensitive information transfer by encrypting and sending it securely. Greatly reduces the chance of GDPR breaches, hefty fines (4% of Global turnover), reputational damage and Class Action lawsuits.

Facilitating a SAR request is a legal obligation on ANY organisation holding PII (Personally Identifiable Information) on a subject (person)

Client Benefits

  • Digitise SAR and obviates the requirement for Printing, Postage and Photocopying – delivers cost savings up to £50,000* PA
  • Facilitates compliance with GDPR articles;
    • 15 – Right of access by data subject
    • 20 – Right to data portability
    • 32 – Security of processing data
  • iDocs Bindr SafeSend is very easy to use with a short learning curve. This means faster adoption by users, lower support costs and reduced change management.
  • Very low implementation cost delivers a very fast Return on Investment and low Total Cost of Ownership.

Uses Applications & Vertical Markets

  • Subject Access Requests – SAR/DSAR
  • Negligence / Medical negligence claims
  • HR files / employee records
  • OFSTED Inspections / Student reports
  • Secure data portability – tens of GBs
  • Secure e-Bundles / eFolders
  • Right to be forgotten requests
  • Court Bundles / eBibles

VAR Partner Benefits

  • New recurring revenue stream
  • Cross selling / up selling opportunities
  • Increase Fujitsu scanner sales
  • Access to / and NBD in new vertical markets
  • Simple sell with relatively short sales cycle
  • Ready made very topical market place
  • Constant background marketing awareness
  • Improved kudos / rapport with client base
  • Provision of solution facilitating compliance
  • Helping clients minimise fines, reputational damage, class action lawsuit and adverse pubilicity

VAR Partner Opportunities

Currently looking to engage VAR partners with a track record in

  • Healthcare
  • Local Government
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Utilities
  • Human Resources

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Watch partner webinar – Are your customers SARs complaint with GDPR articles 15, 20 and 32?

*£50,000 PA savings based on iDocs Bindr SafeSend SAR solution evaluation and Business Case in a live production environment. Copy of the Business Case available on request.

Send SARs / Documents Securely

Automate SAR Production

LoB App Integration

Give your clients the ability to easily send and receive SSL/TLS – AES 256 encrypted files, folders, documents and SARs of any size very Securely with no software to install. Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about sending SARs insecurely by post.

Full audit trail & logs, PoD, Non-repudiation and the following accreditations; CESG (GCHQ), Pan Government Accreditation (PGA), Cyber Essentials PLUS, Cyber Security Supplier to Governmant Scheeme, FIPS 140-2, ISO/IEC 27001, Sky High Cloud Trust, Trust Wave Trusted Commerce, PCI DSS.

Facilitate your clients to automatically compile SAR and documents Binders / Bundles – an efficient way of collating, indexing, searching, storing, PII (Personally Indetifiable Information) as well as documents and data folders and securely sending electronically in response to a Subject Access Request.

Use Fujitsu scanners to scan hard copy documents and records directly into iDocs Bindr SafeSend. Accepts ANY file type (MS Office, PDF, Audio, Video, WDG, X-ray, MRI Scans, DICOM, image) via file explorer or drag n drop.

Derive new revenue by adding secure file transfer to your portfolio and integrate with line of business applications or hosted platforms, like EDRMS, ECM/EDM/EMR/EHR facilitating compliance with GDPR using APIs.

Protect email using TLS, Secure online collaboration, Transport agent for MS Exchange, Email anf file archiving. Benefit from Rights Management, POD, Revocation and time to live features.

Benefit from numerous additional security features. Further facilitating GDPR compliance ahead of the 25th May 2018 deadline.

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Now 3 of the top 10 Global Law Firms and NHS benefit from using iDocs Bindr SafeSend

When the most demanding Brands want secure process automation solutions they turn to us

“iDocs Bindr® allowed us, for the first time, to deliver a very Secure automated document Bundle creation solution that considerably improved efficiency”.

Printroom Manager – Jones Day

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