Solutions for Print Rooms and Reprographics

Is Your Printing a Balancing Act?


Reduce Risk – from human error. Easy to use, very simple to install, set-up and support, requiring little or no IT involvement or training.

Lower Cost – less than half the price of the only credible alternative US developed software. You will benefit from massive cost savings.

Increase Efficiency – detailed reporting, financial control and reduced costs in print rooms and repro departments.

Very powerful – Chronological Ordering of Emails, Formatting Excel Spreadsheets, Page Capping on Large Documents, Printing Detailed Slip Sheets.

Easy to Use – Makes it easier to Identify Document Origin, Identify Password Protected and Corrupted Files and Comprehensive Page Count and File Type Reporting, prior to printing.

Proven Solution – tried and tested technology, already benefiting over 20 leading Law Firms.

UK based support, DocBuster is backed up by the largest outsourced secure 24/7 legal and financial facility in the UK.

In excess of 100 million pages of emails, MS Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDFs and other file types and size have already been printed with the solution during the past decade.

Simplify Batch Printing and Control Costs with DocBuster®

“The Definitive Z-Print successor – On Steroids”

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Solve all Your Batch Printing issues – Powerful, Fast and Very Easy to Use Print Management Solution that Enables Professional Service Firms to Considerably Reduce the Costs of Printing their Electronic Documents.


Experience DocBuster® v14 in Action

See for yourself how quickly you can set up and execute large batch print jobs, view detailed reports and analyse cost to cross bill or invoice.

This fully functional trail version takes just minutes to install and configure with very little or no IT involvement.

A perfect way to demonstrate to yourself (and your colleagues) that DocBuster® can meet all your batch print job requirements quickly and cost efficiently.

And don’t worry anything you configure, the templates you create can be saved and used later. So go ahead and get started.


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