Save over £ 100,000 per annum on your GDPR Subject Access Requests

iDocs Bindr® SafeSend quickly compiles and automatically indexes documents and folders of ANY file type into editable Document Binders so you can – share Securely collaborate distribute or archive with confidence!

“Deploying iDocs Bindr® delivered numerous efficiency improvements and considerable cost savings creating eBibles and Document Bundles”  Print Operations Manager – Clifford Chance


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iDocs Bindr® SafeSend

iDocs Bindr® SafeSend

Efficiently Collates, Compiles Indexes and sends Securely, information related to a GDPR SAR bid, project, trial, medical record or a corporate financial transaction.

iDocs Bindr® is document and file type agnostic, which means you can compile files such as; PDF, MS Office, Audio, Video, Auto CAD, MRI Scans, X-Ray and more.

The information within the Electronic Binders can then easily be; searched, stored, disseminated or collaborated on by teams or individuals.

iDocs Bindr® Safe Send Uses

  • GDPR
    • Secure Subject Access Requests
    • Facilitates compliance with
    • Articles 15, 20 and 32
  • Business
    • Finance – Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Bids, Tenders and RFP’s
    • Marketing Departments
  •  Litigation
    • Court and Trial Bundles
    • Expert Witness Evidence / Disclosure and Discovery
    • Road Traffic Accident Claims

iDocs Bindr® SafeSend Markets

Binders are universally used by enterprises of all sizes, including but not limited to;

  • Healthcare Organisations
  • Legal Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Architecture Engineering Construction
  • Local Authorities
  • Education
  • Sales and Marketing Departments
  • Pharmaceutical GMP
  • Manufacturing

iDocs Bindr® SafeSend Partners

iDocs Solutions partners derive income from no less than 7 revenue streams;

  • Licence sales of core products
  • License sales of modules
  • Software Support
  • Software Updates
  • Module Development
  • Lateral Product development
  • Consultancy services

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iDocs Bindr® deliveres numerous commercial benefits. 

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