We have an enviable track record of experience as a document management consultancy service provider.

Document Management Consultancy Services from the industry experts at iDocs Solutions. We are perfectly positioned to provide a tailored approach to consultancy, working closely with you to achieve your business goals and objectives. Our industry experts can work with you towards your paperless or paper light objectives. In almost all cases this involves the implementation of a document management solution and a strategy to capture your paper documents from from back file conversion to day forward capture of items such as invoices and incoming post.

The following services can all be tailored to the clients individual needs:

Requirements Analysis 

Our consultants will work in conjunction with your own team to determine the areas of your business that currently harbor inefficiencies. By making a review of your current technical infrastructure we can ensure all future systems and solutions are the most appropriate for your business.

Project Management 

Our project management process includes project initiation, planning, execution, control and validation and finally the project completion and closure. We follow industry standard models for guidance on project management. The overall process will include scheduling the correct resources, overall planning of the project, project documentation, statements of work to be carried out and the execution and hand over.

Specification and Design

The functional and non-functional requirements for document scanning, data capture, invoice processing and digital mailroom processes are agreed via business and technical workshops, and are finalised during a review process. Functional, technical and business process design work is undertaken with regular review milestones. Agreeing the test scope and approach forms the final stage of the design process.

Configuration and Development

Digital solution development and configuration takes place within a structured development environment and is closely monitored against agreed timescales and scoping requirements for your document and data management. Test plans are also written and reviewed.

Implementing Testing and Training

A variety of tests are conducted to ensure all project requirements have been met, with any defects being tracked, resolved and retested. If required, administrator and user training in document scanning and data capture is provided along with supporting training manuals.


Our team is available to support your business in all areas of your project. We offer technical consultancy at your own site and also remote assistance from our own head office. In addition we are able to offer support to “onboard” current projects which historically perhaps haven’t gone quite to plan.  We work closely with third party vendors and suppliers to make sure all maintenance agreements and SLAs are met.

What next?

Please get in touch for more info or an informal chat to see how best you could move forward.