The Uses and Vertical Market applications of iDocs Bindr® are far wider than Legal document compilation, eBible and Court Bundle creation. 

The Benefits of iDocs Bindr® are numerous and derived from the ethos of iDocs Solutions to develop solutions that adhere to certain principles for managing information; Maximum Confidentiality, Reduction in human interaction and repetitive tasks, Elimination of risk from human errors, Maximised Operational Efficiency and Elimination of Paper. iDocs Binder goes a step further and delivers the following benefits;


By fully automating the manual or semi-automatic production processes – iDocs Bindr® reduces the time of production from hours to literally minutes to save you time.

By eliminating 70% of the process steps and reducing time of production to minutes – iDocs Bindr® considerably reduces your cost of production.

By removing the need for human interaction from most of the processes – iDocs Bindr® reduces your risk associated with manual input, indexing and creation of Binders.

By saving time, reducing costs and lowering risk – iDocs Bindr® increases efficiency and consequently productivity.

By being intuitive – iDocs Bindr® has a shorter learning curve, is faster to adopt, cheaper to support and has lower change management and implementation costs.

Resulting in a much lower TCO and faster ROI

iDocs Bindr® Uses


  • Finance – Mergers Acquisitions
  • Bids, Tenders and RFP’s
  • Marketing Departments


  • Court and Trial Bundles
  • Expert Witness Evidence / Disclosure and Discover


  • Contract Packs / Deal Bundles
  • Leases and Licenses / Site Agreements

iDocs Bindr® Markets

Binders are universally used by enterprises of all sizes, including but not limited to;

  • Healthcare Organisations
  • Legal Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • AEC Companies
  • Local Authorities
  • Education
  • Marketing Departments


  • Compliance Documentation
  • Board Reports
  • Agendas & Meeting Minutes
  • Accounts
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Employment Offers and Contracts
  • Government Submissions